Everyone has a garden… whether they know it or not.

What is it that makes life worth living?

Is it money? Fame? Fun?

Why is it that some people can have nothing, yet persevere in the face of adversity? They can be hated, attacked, ridiculed, and yet they continue to live their life to the fullest. Yet others seem to struggle even when seemingly everything is going right for them.

Could it be that the people who struggle live for a non-existent thing called the future? A place built of nothing more than hopes and dreams? While those who thrive have learned to make the most out of their present? Continue reading “Everyone has a garden… whether they know it or not.”

On the Fallibility of the Mind… and How You Can Exploit It For Your Own Gain

Fake news and alternative facts are terms we’ve all grown sick of hearing by now, I’m sure. The current state of American politics aside, history is filled with examples that tragically illustrate how lies told boldly, often enough, are believed by many.

“We tend to think of memories as perfect little time capsules—important records of past events that matter to us and made us who we are, as unchangeable as a dragonfly stuck in amber,” says Dr. Julia Shaw. And she’s right. Yet, how often do we check the accuracy of our memories? How often do we check the accuracy of our beliefs? And how often to we examine the way our memories shape our beliefs? Continue reading “On the Fallibility of the Mind… and How You Can Exploit It For Your Own Gain”

Revealed: The Dirty Little Secret to Stealing Your Attention

A good magician never reveals their tricks. Why would they? They make too much money selling the illusion. It’s the bad magicians, the ones who can’t sell out venues, who don’t have the marketing and public relations savvy to become big stars, who usually end up making those “secrets revealed” exposes that were so popular in the late ’90s.

Think of me as a failed magician. I know the secrets, and I’m willing to share them with you right now. If you let me, I’m going to give you a very cynical way to look at the world. I’m not trying to sell a book that explores these ideas further. I just feel the need to put this out there so people can be aware.

Knowledge doesn’t equal awareness. You have to choose to be aware. You may choose to dismiss everything I’m about to write. You may think it’s too simple or flawed. That’s fair. But it’s free.

Want to know more? Then keep reading. Continue reading “Revealed: The Dirty Little Secret to Stealing Your Attention”

Customer Service: It Matters More Than You Think

Nobody becomes a successful salesperson by treating customers poorly, especially in a competitive sales environment. That’s why almost all entrepreneur training drills deep into the importance of providing an exceptional customer service experience.

So why is it that big, well-established companies think they can succeed and become market leaders when their customer service experience is horrible?

I’m going through a nightmarish drama with a too-big-to-fail retailer right now. It’s triggered my investor mind far beyond the $20 being held hostage by this retailer to a fundamental question of where executive priorities are and whether the customer service experience itself is a precurser to shifting market trends.

Here’s what happened. Continue reading “Customer Service: It Matters More Than You Think”

Remembering Adam Petty

NASCAR Driver Adam Petty in 2000, shortly before his death.
Adam Petty (1980-2000)

Sixteen years ago today, NASCAR lost a bright and shining star. Adam Petty was nineteen years old, poised to move to stock car racing’s highest devision before he was old enough to buy a beer — not that his family condoned such things. He died on the cusp of what would have been a legendary career, NASCAR’s first and only fourth-generation driver. Continue reading “Remembering Adam Petty”

NASCAR 2016 All-Star Race Format Announced

Today, NASCAR announced the format for the 2016 All-Star Race.

I remember a time when the last segment gimmick was a draw to invert the running order. Now they’re going to draw to see how many drivers will be forced to put for tires BEFORE the final segment starts?

Uh, everybody will pit. And I’ll be shocked if the guys who are able to take two tires — if anyone elects to at all — don’t get gobbled up by the frontrunners on fresh rubber.

Maybe they’re hoping someone will be desperate and cause a big crash.

Shoutout to Ultrafino Hats.

Here’s a nice write-up on the history of Ultrafino Hats. I love my Ultrafino Havana Sorento — here’s a shot of me wearing it for a Clothesline Promotional Products photo shoot.

If you’re looking for a Panama hat to wear this summer, I highly recommend Ultrafino. Continue reading “Shoutout to Ultrafino Hats.”