Is It Just Me, Or Have I Lost Sight of What’s Important?

It’s 5 o’clock in the morning and I should be sleeping. Things just keep running through my head and instead of laying in bed, snoring, I’m sitting here with my computer on my lap scouring through social media for… I don’t know what for. I have no idea. None whatsoever.

Do you know how much life is “lived” on social media? I can’t imagine the hours I’ve spent reading Facebook posts, reading other people’s Tweets, liking and favoriting things other people thought and typed.

Am I insane? Is my life so empty that I have to live vicariously through other people’s typing? And if so, why can’t I live vicariously through books?  Continue reading “Is It Just Me, Or Have I Lost Sight of What’s Important?”

Not-So Random Thoughts on the Tenuous Relationship between “Geek Culture” and the American Church

Author D. M. Dutcher shares some profound thoughts on the relationship between “Geek Culture” and the American church. It’s well worth a read and even more worthy of discussion. Read it here:

Never Stop Learning. Ever.

When the Jim Carrey movie Bruce Almighty hit theaters, I thought it was the most blasphemous concept for a movie I’d ever heard. I mean, Morgan Freeman playing God? And then vacating His powers to Carrey? Yet when someone finally sat me down with a DVD copy of the film and assured me it wasn’t as blasphemous as I thought, I found that I really liked the story. I especially liked the conceit that, even though we all think we know what’s best for everyone around us, if any of us had our way all the time, it would seriously mess everything up. As a whole, people have too many conflicting interests and too many conflicting world views. Plus, the examination of free will in the film is as good as any sermon I’ve ever heard. It was the first time I ever watched a movie and came away with big questions about my own theology and worldview. The closest I can remember to experiencing this before was after reading Graham Greene’s The End of the Affair, and yes, some tiny part of my soul just died upon realizing that I’d made a favorable comparison between that masterpiece of a novel and a Jim Carrey film.

Years later, when Bruce Almighty‘s “sequel” Evan Almighty was released, I wanted to like it. I wanted to have that same experience again. Yet, as more and more marketing materials poured into the church where I was working at the time, I slowly came to realize that Evan Almighty would be nothing like Bruce Almighty.

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