A letter of gratitude to AMC

In 2014, AMC premiered a show called Halt and Catch Fire. Airing right after the mid-season finale of Mad Men‘s final season, the show began with a large number of viewers and dwindled down to almost non-existitent ratings within the course of 10 episodes. Most networks would have ended things then, but for whatever reason, AMC decided to give Halt and Catch Fire a second season. Ratings didn’t improve. Then they gave the show a third season on a different night. Ratings got even worse. Just when it looked like the show would meet its end, AMC surprised everyone by renewing Halt and Catch Fire for a forth and final season, which premiered August 19th, 2017.

What a season it’s been. What a series it’s been.

Thank you, AMC. Thank you, too, to show creators and show runners Christopher C. Rogers and Christopher Cantwell for creating a television series that was (and is) unlike any other. Continue reading “A letter of gratitude to AMC”

On Being an Individual… Or Not

A man stands on a mountain.It’s hard to tell people to quit letting other people tell them what to think. I mean, if they listen to you, aren’t they then allowing you to tell them what to think?

Tough question.

We all have people telling us what to think. The media, our friends, religious leaders, politicians — and all these people influence so much about us. What we wear, what we watch, what kind of music we listen to.

Rare is the individual who makes up their own mind, who refuses to go along with the crowd. Society tells us to be individuals, but if we individually choose a path that our peers don’t like, what then? We’re ostracized, we’re ridiculed, we’re pressured to conform.  Continue reading “On Being an Individual… Or Not”


The To-Read StackToday is apparently National Writing Day, and I had no idea until I saw the top trending topic on Twitter is #WhyIWrite. Twitter does seem to be the epicenter for writers and social media.

Why I write is simple. I write because the story is inside me, demanding to be let out. I write because I can’t imagine a world in which those stories exist only inside me. I write because there’s freedom in yelling to the call. I write because I believe in the deepest parts of my soul that writing is what God created me for. I write because it’s my life’s work.

I write because it’s time, because it’s what I need to do. And, I wager, that’s why you write too.