Remembering Adam Petty

NASCAR Driver Adam Petty in 2000, shortly before his death.
Adam Petty (1980-2000)

Sixteen years ago today, NASCAR lost a bright and shining star. Adam Petty was nineteen years old, poised to move to stock car racing’s highest devision before he was old enough to buy a beer — not that his family condoned such things. He died on the cusp of what would have been a legendary career, NASCAR’s first and only fourth-generation driver. Continue reading “Remembering Adam Petty”

NASCAR 2016 All-Star Race Format Announced

Today, NASCAR announced the format for the 2016 All-Star Race.

I remember a time when the last segment gimmick was a draw to invert the running order. Now they’re going to draw to see how many drivers will be forced to put for tires BEFORE the final segment starts?

Uh, everybody will pit. And I’ll be shocked if the guys who are able to take two tires — if anyone elects to at all — don’t get gobbled up by the frontrunners on fresh rubber.

Maybe they’re hoping someone will be desperate and cause a big crash.

Shoutout to Ultrafino Hats.

Here’s a nice write-up on the history of Ultrafino Hats. I love my Ultrafino Havana Sorento — here’s a shot of me wearing it for a Clothesline Promotional Products photo shoot.

If you’re looking for a Panama hat to wear this summer, I highly recommend Ultrafino. Continue reading “Shoutout to Ultrafino Hats.”

2016: The Election of Outrage

Those who know me personally know that my politics are often infuriating. My conservative friends think I’m a liberal and my liberal friends think I’m a conservative. I’m not quite a libertarian, but I am pretty much in favor of as little government intervention and regulation into the daily lives of the American people as possible. Read from that what you will.

A few months ago I blogged about the potential for Donald Trump to become the Republican nominee for president in 2016. At the time, I didn’t believe he was taking the campaign seriously. I felt that Trump’s only path to nomination would be to change the tone and tenor of his public speaking.

I was wrong. Continue reading “2016: The Election of Outrage”