Is iOS 9 Causing Problems?

I’ve been using an iPhone since I got a used 3G off ebay in 2010. Let me tell ya, I loved that phone. It came in a black Speck candy-shell case with a matte screen protector and it survived me dropping it in a gravel driveway and then getting run over by a Ford Explorer. After that, I upgraded to an iPhone 4S. I loved that phone, too—especially when iOS 7 came out. I kept this one in a rubber bumper case with Zagg InvisiShield protectors on the front and back. It, too, survived several drops and crashes—though no vehicular assaults. Finally, when the battery died and the replacement battery yielded no better results than my nearly 3-year old OEM battery, I switched to an iPhone 5S with iOS 8 pre-installed.

Obviously, with the 6S rolling out this weekend, I’m not keeping up with the latest in iPhone tech. The entire 8 months I’ve owned my iPhone 5S, I’ve hated iOS 8. With each new update, I hoped for nothing more than the smooth performance I’d come to expect from iPhone. No glitches, no app crashes, just iOS goodness.

I finally got that smooth performance when I upgraded to iOS 9. Everything works, it works well, it works smoothly. I love Siri’s new (optional) British accent, the improved search screen, and even the minimized multitasking screen on my iPad Air (though I don’t think side-by-side splitscreen multitasking is worthy of an upgrade to an iPad Air 2). In short, I LOVE iOS 9.

So, I was shocked to read an article decrying Apple’s “botched” update and the need for a patch only a week after its release. For me, iOS 9 has brought back a love of iOS devices I haven’t had in a year, and every new feature has worked flawlessly. Has your experience been different? Has iOS 9 been a botched experience for you?