Writing Process Blog Tour

First off, a big thanks to S.J. Murray for tagging me in this tour. As always, I feel quite humbled at being asked to give writing advice. My hope and prayer is that somebody out there in blog land finds this helpful. You can follow S.J. on Twitter @SJ_Murray.

Who am I?

I decided I wanted to be a writer in sixth grade and I’ve been writing stories ever since. Somewhere along the way, I got a bachelor’s in organizational leadership and an MBA. I also became a graphic designer and a video editor / video producer during that time too. Last year, I won the 168 Film Project’s Write of Passage screenwriting competition with competition mentor Alen Wolfe and advice from fellow 168 Film Project writers Liz Hewes and Dianne Butts.

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The Magic Formula

We all want a magic formula for something. Finding love, making money, losing weight, curing depression—if people want it, there’s a self-help book out there offering a magical formula for success. Rarely does the advice in any of these books bring the things they promise to their readers, and when it does happen, it’s arguable that it would have happened anyway, book or not.

People who succeed in life have a lot of characteristics in common. While I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a magic formula, it would do all of us well to incorporate some of these characteristics into our own lives. In no particular order, here’s my (largely) incomplete list:

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