And the Winner Is…

168 Film Project Write of Passage LogoThe tuesday before Thanksgiving, November 26, 2013, I clicked on Facebook and saw these words: “And the winner is…” followed by… nothing. After being named a finalist in the 168 Film Project’s Write of Passage screenwriting competition, I had dreamed of seeing those four words followed by my name. I figured it was pretty much a long-shot. This was my third year, but the first time I’d made it to the finals. After reading through the other finalists scripts, I was absolutely convinced I’d be lucky if someone picked my script out of the top 10 semifinalists to turn into a Write of Passage Spotlight Film.

So, with a defeated mindset right out of the gate, I clicked on the 168 Film Project website and read this page.

Did you read it? Did you see it? I stared at that page slack-jawed for quite a while, convinced I was hallucinating. Continue reading “And the Winner Is…”