Old Lawnmowers Don’t Need To Run At Full Throttle

My God, what a year it’s been. Last year at this time I was in a relationship I thought would be the last of my life, even as it was falling apart and nearly gone. I had just published my novella, DRIVING TO BELAIR. I was coming off back surgery in April and still going through twice-weekly physical therapy sessions that would last until Thanksgiving. I just bought an old red S-15 truck off my dad thinking I would drive it for a few months and sell it.

That S-15 is still in the driveway. The back hasn’t quite healed right. No new relationships, though I did inherit a cute little puppy from the last one. And today, I spent 5 hours (actually 3 and a half, I took a siesta around noon) mowing what felt like a never-ending yard with a push-mower that’s older than me. Continue reading “Old Lawnmowers Don’t Need To Run At Full Throttle”

My Thoughts on Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day

In case you haven’t heard, yesterday–August 1st–Chick-Fil-A restaurants across the country were jam-packed with long lines and traffic jams at the drive-through. There’s been a lot of confusion as to what it means. Some think it was a protest to stand up for free speech and free enterprise, while others viewed it as an act of hate against those who wish to redefine the legal definition of marriage.

What happened yesterday was a nice reminder of how many people in this country still adhere to traditional conservative values. The problem is, those people apparently don’t vote, because there is no conservative candidate in the upcoming election. They don’t engage culture, either–because they’re not represented in the mainstream media, they’re not represented in Hollywood, they’re not represented in academia, and they’re not represented on Wall Street. Continue reading “My Thoughts on Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day”