Dude! You’re Hatin’ on a COW!

Kat Williams

Among the many things I first became acquainted with in college was Kat Williams, a
pro-marijuana (among other things) comedian whose Pimp Chronicles DVD is equal parts silliness, social commentary, and a scathing, profanity-laced analysis of the human condition. Williams’ humor works so well because so much of it rings so true regardless of who you are and where you grew up, and he can say things in his stand-up routine that most people wouldn’t dare say in everyday life

During the show, he jokes about one of his friends being so angry that he “hates on bacon.” Now, anyone who’s read my blog in the last week knows by now, I road rage. So even though the whole bit about hating on bacon stepped on my toes, I found it hilarious. Continue reading “Dude! You’re Hatin’ on a COW!”

Everyone Needs a Coach

Everyone Needs a Coach

Coach Eric Taylor and Tim Riggins - Friday Night Lights (NBC Universal)It’s a balmy night in Texas, one of those nights that’s so hot the falling rain evaporates on your clothes. Bugs congregate around any light they can find. A football team, embittered and disgraced, stands on a neglected field in front of a bonfire. Their coach, just one disastrous game in to his fourth job in three years, dumps a shopping bag full of VHS tapes of old games into the fire and declares that the past is gone. The team then burns their tattered, blood-soaked uniforms. As the smoke rises from the team’s symbolic rebirth, the team cheers as the coach declares, “This is your fight. Let’s finish it, let’s finish it.” Continue reading “Everyone Needs a Coach”

Yes, I Road Rage

Road Rage: The Art of Making Lifelong Enemies During a Fifteen Minute Commute

I use to joke about having one of those de-motivational posters with a poster of a NASCAR crash and the caption, “Road Rage: The Art of Making Lifelong Enemies During a Fifteen Minute Commute.”

People just don’t get the joke.

Someone once suggested I replace the NASCAR picture with a picture from a traffic jam. Like, for real.

What would be the fun in that? Continue reading “Yes, I Road Rage”

What Songs Would You Sing on the Titanic?

“I will pour out my Spirit
on every kind of people:
Your sons will prophesy,
also your daughters.
Your old men will dream,
your young men will see visions.”

Joel 2:28 (The Message)

Lately, I’ve been having the strangest dreams. Some of them, I think, would make great stories. A couple of weeks ago I had a dream about a washed-up lawman whose demons cost him his marriage and his job. He has no reason to live until someone kidnaps his young daughter, and then those old lawman instincts kick up and he goes on a hunt for whoever was responsible—along the way, reclaiming his purpose and finding redemption.

Cinematic, eh? Continue reading “What Songs Would You Sing on the Titanic?”